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MYFC 2020 Safety Procedures and Protocols

Hi Parents,

The MYFC Board of Directors would like to thank you for you patients during this unprecedented time.  With COVID-19 guidelines and phases changing on what seems to be a daily basis we wanted to let you know as of now the 2020 MYFC season is moving forward. Currently we are planning to begin our season for all football and cheer activates on August 10th, 2020. Our start date is subject to change, and all families will be notified as soon as possible if it does.  MYFC will be following all state and local government guidelines and orders during the season. The children’s safety is our highest priority and as an organization we will be adding the following safety precautions and reminders within our practices:

  • Monitor your health and stay home when appropriate
    • Individuals, including coaches, athletes, and families should stay home if they have recently had close contact or are showing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • It is Mandatory each coach/volunteer always has a mask on.
    • If distance of 6ft or more is possible coach can lower mask to explain or teach something, other than that it should always be over mouth and nose .
  • Each football and cheerleading team will be provided with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for before and after practice uses
  • All cheerleaders with be supplied with Red Gaiter masks
  • We ask that all tackle football players come to practice with their shoulder pads and helmet off to disinfect before practice starts.
    • We will provide a wipe to your child upon arrival, he or she will then wipe down their shoulder pads and helmets with a wipe provided by their coach. This will happen at the end of practice as well.
  • We will be passing out multiple practice shirts to each tackle football player, to hopefully ensure a clean jersey every night of practice
  • ALL balls, pads, bags, flags, and anything else the team uses will be sprayed and wiped down by an assigned coach for each team before practice, during breaks and after practice.
  • Football players will be discouraged from removing and re-inserting mouthguards
  • Each child will have their own designated spot outlined around our practice area 6 ft apart
    • At this station they will have their personal belonging (bag, water bottle, etc) This space is where they go after they arrive to practice waiting for practice to start, each water break, and where they go after practice to get ready to leave
  • We will be breaking up the kids for the most part into smaller individual groups to help with social distancing.

MYFC highly recommends purchasing football gloves for your child. We have about 60 Pairs of youth size gloves that we will be giving out on a first come first serve basis at equipment turnout.

MYFC are also considering the following:

  • Adding face shields in the kids helmets to prevent any body fluids to get into the mouth and nose area
  • Supplying mouthguards with lip protection to reduce the saliva that comes out of a player’s mouth

If you have already registered and we do not start the 2020 MYFC season you will get a 100% refund.

If you have not registered yet there is still time to do so.

We do not have all the answers but as the situation continues to evolve, we will do our best to keep you informed. Please email with any further questions


MYFC Board of Directors